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In July 1997 Andreas Hildebrandt held the first major European Train Swap and Fair. The name that he came up with was “Eurowest” since his Beer Importing Company was named Spaten West.


The first three years the event was held in his beer and wine warehouse in South San Francisco. This year would have been the 25th show.


Many people have scheduled or re-schedule vacations around this show because it’s the highlight of their year. Since the official show has been cancelled this year, it was decided to go back to the roots. Many of the same exciting and fun parts of that original show will occur again. Several large model train collections will be available at prices that are meant to sell.


Beverages, food, trains, and good friends will be the focus. Having been isolated and cooped up for so long, it’s time to get back out and see those friends and fellow train enthusiasts. We need that - and now it’s going to happen.


Please let your friends and fellow train enthusiasts know about the show.

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